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Monday, May 5, 2008

Watercolor and Collage

"Green Wave"

These are examples of watercolor and rice paper collages. AFter brushing watercolor paint onto heavy paper, fragments of rice paper are adhered with matte medium. After drying, the surface is painted by responding to the crevices and threads of the rice paper.

Watercolor monotype

This is a watercolor print or monotype. This is a new way to make art using a variety of tools to adhere watercolor paint to a flat plate. This plate is then pressed to paper using a table-top press.

Watercolor Monotype

This monotype painting is titled "Good Vibrations" and shows the variety of techniques that will be taught at my upcoming workshop in July 2008 at Mt. Washington Recreation Center. Leave a comment if you want more information!

Watercolor Monotype

"Leaf Motif" is an example of a watercolor monotype or print. Using watercolor paint and a variety of tools this was created with a real leaf branch.
This is another example of possibilities at my upcoming workshop in July 2008.