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Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Postcards

I painted an 8" X 12" abstract using fluid acrylic, collage, and hand cut stencils.  Then I cut it into 4 pieces, each one being 4" x 6".  They are painted on 300# Arches paper so will stand up to the stress of being mailed--one across the ocean to London!

Thanks to tutorial by Jane Davies for the step-by-step directions to making postcards.

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Richmond Peacock

Jacob--New Richmond Peacock

This is my most recent painting in the New Richmond series.  Jacob wanders around the town and is greatly admired but never petted!  This bird is distinctly beautiful but is definitely "No Touch!"
I tried to capture his beauty in a fun way with some of the iconic structures in New Richmond: the porch of the Ross Goudy historic home and the tent where community concerts are held. 
Of course, the cubist, colorful style engages the eye and adds a little humor.
More of this series is shown at the Front Street Cafe in New Richmond--a casual place for lunch or dinner right on the Ohio River.