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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inside My Eye

"Inside My Eye" relates to this most recent Sunday reading about the man born blind. The story is almost humorous in that the man whom Jesus healed is challenged to describe his healing over and over again. We can almost imagine him getting really annoyed when both he and his parents are questioned repeatedly about his healing. But finally, the story turns serious when Jesus uses the analogy of not be able to see in a real sense as being spiritually blind to the important things in life.
This monoprint was created near the end of a year of eye problems for me. It started as a different image but the eyeball showed up and I embellished it with flowers to express my gratitude that my eye still functioned (with glasses now) and I could see.

Monday, March 8, 2010

"Living Water"

"Living Water" is a watercolor monoprint featuring runs of blue and white on a yellow base. This seems appropriate for the Gospel story of the woman at the well who receives "living water" from Jesus. His is a constant source of spiritual nourishment rather than a drink of water that leaves us thirsty again.