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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blue Ridge 6

"Blue Ridge 6" brings some deep burnt sienna to blend with soft gold, light blue, and even some periwinkle to bring the view of gentleness and tranquility to this watercolor in the continued vertical format.

Blue Ridge 5

"Blue Ridge 5" combines soft gray-blues with gold and sienna to create yet another painting inspired by the North Carolina mountains although these hills could be any range.

Blue Ridge 4

"Blue Ridge 4" adds more of the yellow and gold tones to the mountain ranges.  As before, this  is painted on long and narrow paper giving it a contemporary feel.  the  approximate size is 10" wide  x 22" long.

Blue Ridge 3

"Blue Ridge 3" continues the series of watercolor and ink paintings inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  This painting uses some gray tones in the ink to create a different kind of subtlety.