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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sunflower--watercolor and ink

Sunflower--watercolor on poured background

Both of these sunflower paintings were composed from a photo of my daughter's lovely sunflowers that she grew in a pot in her yard.

Mixed Media Bookmarks

          #8                        #9                        #10                     #11                       

         #14                   #15                    #16               #17                     #18

        #19                      #20                    #21

Here are more bookmarks made from strips of unsuccessful watercolors and donated mat board embellished with ink, stamping, markers, foil, and stained paper.  They are being sold for $3 each and many have sold.  If you want to purchase any, contact me and indicate the identifying number beneath each bookmark.  If it is still available, I will ship it to you for $3 plus postage.  We will work out the details via e-mail.