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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Hemlock Card

This is the photo of the scarf that was the basis for the color selection for the Hemlock Painting, below.  I did this as part of a color exercise while taking a mixed media class.  We were to choose a favorite object, or clothing or anything.  Then, replicate the colors in a painting.

This Hemlock Painting uses the colors of the scarf.  Quite a lot of experimentation went into finding the right combination of watercolors to approximate the colors of the scarf.  
The painting technique relies on negative painting to get a highly textured result.

I painted this on a quarter size sheet of Arches Paper (11" x 15").

This is the Christmas card that I had printed by Vista Print.  I selected the card imagery from many, many choices.  Then I uploaded a digital image of my painting into the white space provided. I also created the inside of the card and the back (not shown here).

Then after using the painting for my Christmas card, I framed it and hung it on the front porch in a sheltered corner out of sun and rain.  I will leave it there until spring, I think.  Then, I will find another painting to use in the same spot.  I have done this before and had no problem with weather damage--didn't even get spider nests on the back!