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Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Richmond Series

"New Richmond Rocks" is a fun distortion of the buildings on Front Streeet that face the Ohio River. This watercolor was a favorite at the Java, Jazz'n Art Show.

New Richmond Series

"River Daze" is a fantastic creation based on the view from the park in New Richmond, Ohio. Here there is the park bench overlooking the Ohio River that is filled with free forms suggesting river sprites or creatures.

New Richmond Series

"Drummer Boyz" is reflective of the jazz band playing during the art show, "Java, Jazz'n Art" in New Richmond, Ohio. Color, musical instruments and one person transformed into three is the basis of this watercolor painting.

New Richmond Series

"Cruisin on the River" is another painting reflecting activity at New Richmond Ohio. During the summer, antique cars line Front Street on Sunday afternoon. It's a fun event which this painting suggests.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


"Fervent" is so named because the figures seem to be kneeling in front of a figure. This monotype came from my imagination after making marks on the printing plate and then generating the image by filling in with more paint.

Magnolia Elegance

"Magnolia Elegance" is a monotype in a square format that is framed in black to make a finished product 15" x 15". Magnolia flowers continue to be one of my favorite flowers because of the shape and velvet texture of the blossom and the large shiny leaves.

"Dream" is a watercolor monotype inspired by an actual dream. When such images occur, I sketch them as immediately as possible, then create them when I am in my studio.

The colors of "Dream" are soft with writing that is just part of the design.