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Saturday, March 22, 2008


"Resurrection" for Easter, of course. The glorious event for Jesus and for us. The image suggests dark depths and strange beings flying midway. Yet, the mountains are overcome and the clouds give way to morning sun.

Just think if Christ had not shown us the new way of thinking. Millions of people would have been left without a new way to live and to love.

This collage of stained paper, dried paint and brushed-on acrylic ends the Lenten series. Where I go next with this blog, I do not know. But, I invite you to return to visit this site as new waves of inspiration are translated onto paper.

1 comment:

Denyel said...

Hello Aunt Lynn,

Your paintings are gorgeous. I am truly a fan. I love the Resurrection piece, The Tree Series, and the Mountain. I am humbled by your ability to show emotion and feeling through art. Perhaps I could purchase something from you to hang in my apartment! Keep the creativity flowing!

-Your Niece,
Denyel Beiter