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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Ghost Coral and Fish"

"Ghost Coral and Fish" is a shadowy portrayal of bleached coral and ghosts of the fish that were nurtured there. Sometimes called the Rain forests of the Sea, the coral reefs serve as nurseries to countless species. However, they cannot tolerate the damage that is caused by sewage, fertilizer, ocean warming and other pollutants. So, they become ghosts and we have fewer and fewer colonies. The demise of coral reefs, estimated to be at 10 percent now, will change to 70 percent unless we make changes in damage caused by pipelines, cables, pollution and tourism.
This set of three monotypes are currently on display at the Gallery St. John in Beavercreek, Ohio and are part of 2009 Marianist Environmental Education Center Art Show. The theme for the exhibit is "What on Earth is Missing?"

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Lexington girl said...

I love this picture! I hope you and Jack are doing well!