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Friday, June 15, 2012

Monoprint Layers==Poppies

 Step 1 of making this monoprint of poppies was to make a film of vertical lines, paint the background blue and then adhere it to paper.
 Step 2 was to make another film with red, yellow and various colors of dots and circular shapes.  This is the artist's view of the painting but it will be reversed when printed.
 This Step shows the red and yellow shapes printed on to the original print.
 This is the third film (or plate) of painted poppies seen from the artist's view of painting.  It will be printed in reverse with the other side of the film showing.

This is is final print, made of 3 plates or films.  Each was painted, transferred (printed) onto paper. Then the next film was printed on top of the first one.  Then the third film was painted and transferred on top of the same print.  Thus the final painting is three layers of printmaking.

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RH Carpenter said...

WOW! Really like this one and the steps showing how it all came together :)